Press Release: “Isle of August” / Leo Castelli Gallery


Leo Castelli Gallery is pleased to present “Isle of August,” an exhibition of video works by Diana Kingsley.

The New York-based artist is known for her still photos, consisting of crisp, highly composed images where the subjects are undone by subtle flaws: an open fly on a nattily-dressed male model, ink from a name tag smearing the blouse of a bosomy conventioneer, a chocolate delicately placed on a hotel pillow but left too long in an overheated room.

Her videos keep the focus on the little things that sow the seeds of chaos.   In Eat in, a piece projected from the ceiling onto the floor, ghostly takeout menus are slipped under an imaginary apartment door until they begin to pile up on the floor–an unceasing, almost stalker-like intrusion from the outside world.  In buster, a gorgeously assembled image of an apartment interior is marred by a large colorful lantern fly beating endlessly against the window glass, trying to make its escape.  In Court Disaster, the viewer nervously watches the legs and backside of a female tennis player as she hops around a grass court, oblivious to the untied laces of one shoe threatening to wreck her game. The sumptuously-lensed works combine the rigor of minimalist design, the angst of an existential one-act, and the humor of a Chaplinesque slip on a banana peel.

“Isle of August” opens July 7 and runs through August 5, 2004. Gallery hours are Mon – Fri, 11 – 5.