An Annotated Index to the Photographic Work
of Diana Kingsley

by Tan Lin

with anecdotes and emendations by
M. Moore and E. Dickinson

affair (Lake Temagami), see Ontario 3

Alfred Bullard Antiques 3 , 15

American genealogies
          and affairs 15

“Anecdote of the Jar” (Wallace Stevens),
          see also “Bantams in Pine-Woods” 4

arrangements (of), 
          affections (mushrooms vs. napkins) 14
          floaters and tokens 7
          gouda 13
          melons 8
          purple aster (Symphyotrichum patens) 2
          “the coins in her hand” 1
          travel (itineraries), see also Egypt 3

artist residency programs, see also Hambidge 6

          of kindness (doyenne) 15
          love (apples) 5

at a certain distance from the fire 7

Aunt Sally

          bursting 8
          dialectical nature of 8
          flimflam 7
          interest in melons 8
          reclusive exactness 14
          vs. optical illusions, i.e., unlikelihood of transcendence 10

          in relation to the arbitrary 6
          as imposition of order on nature 9
          as austerity, and its insistence 5
          doubling (hendiadys) 512
          fodder (lineage) 3

          anecdote depletes narrative 4
          Crate and Barrel 8
          olive bearing

breast cancer

cartoons in Punch (20th century)

Chanel Inimitable Multidimensional #10

cheese, relative forms of
          18-month black wax gouda
          Capricho de cabra with herbs goat milk
          Carmody (6 weeks)
          Gruyere surchoix
          Gabietou sheep and cow's milk
          Mahon raw milk (60 days or more)

Chestnut Hill Academy

          Oriental (Pinyin) 6
          embroidered nature of 14
          those who read Time Magazine 7

Cigna Insurance Company 5

          Cartographer's Cabinet-American-1860-80 3 
          (China ) “crackle” glaze 6

          artificiality of passim
          and British law
          connections to picnics
          recreational desuetude 12
          and fading
          good luck (links to sunset clauses)
          penises (not pretty) 9
          and statutes of limitation
          as causes of suspicion 6

commerce (regulations)

common law clusters

“contempt for sham”

conversations among relatives
          polychromy in

“corrosive smoulder” of the bee
          (Jennifer Logan Kingsley, December 1, 1926-March 6, 1970)

Cuckfield (Sussex)

death of mother (age 6)

definite article “the”
          in place of a personal pronoun

“discounting disappointment by anticipating it”

          eyes 6
          Red Haven (peach) 14

duck bottom (luscious fluxus) 4

earliness of colors

Eastern purple cone flower (Echinacea purpurea) 12
          and high school sweethearts

eau de Nil

embalmed moonlight 6

epigrams on the death of feelings, see flat file

Femmes, violent (1984)

flat file (antique), see friendship

food coloring families 6

free-floating idea of a thing

          and cats 6
          and mortality 3 
          and high school
          copulation 7
          8:37 pm, ramp butter over radishes
          ferns 14
          as species of explanation 5

Garden of Sorrows
          where a greater Teacher was found 14

Glass plate
          (Chorus of Propolis) (intoxication) 12

Goldsworthy, Andy (American photographer)
          and corporate art photography 14

          Guttiferae 12
          précis of corpses 13
          love of, passim
          relation to rock music
          relation to still born moonlight (“the digital”) 1

          as allowances/caricatures for regret 3

hydrangea (hortensia)
          and cancelled plane flights
          and leftover “lobster dinners”
          and suburbia
          and stepmother
          in front of the Office de Tourisme Building in Chartres, France

index (Japan double), 
          blue liner notes

interrupted accounting 1

Japanese beetle
          as philosophical footnote

Japanese cosmoses (with bee) 2

“kangaroo paw” anigozanthos 10
          and reservoirs of kindness
          and lateness of sensation

large pink backgrounds 8

lateness of color

law firms

          childhood 2
          implications for picnics 14
          pink slips (Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobsen LLP)
          punishment for nostalgia 4

“living off someone else's capital”

love story
          as furniture
          as hippie make up
          in twenty-seven volumes
          in the tabloids
          (a “Japanesely fantastic reverence for a tree”)
          along Meadow Scabish (obs.) Symphyotrichum puniceum

          something in the afterlife 1

Miss Prissy (Priscilla) 

modern rock balancing
          Japan 10
          links to contemporary photography 13

Monk, Theolonius “(Just One Way to Say) I Love You” 12

morphologies of sadness 2

music of the undertaker (Photoshop) 9

Nageire Slanted Style 1015

Nars Orgasm Blush, see foundation 14
          vs. Le Metier de Beaute Echo 13

National Trust (U.K.)

Oh! Canada
          New Brunswick Southern Railway (formerly European and
                    North American Railway 7
          Toonies 7
          transportation 4
          Rothesay 5

paintings of houses with people who left them 5

Parker, Brenda Campbell “Moo,” (June 23, 1895-1981)

          absence of passim
          brevity of 12
          substitute for photography 13
          relation to mold 13
          general unprettiness of 9

          insufficient theatricality of 2
          of doorways 12
          of olives 3 
          of still lifes 8
          and yachting 3

Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art
          (University of the Arts) 14

          of dining room windows 8
          of a poem with pauses 7
          Green & Blacks free trade chocolate 10
          polished grapes (Concord) 3

propeller fins 2

proximity to Sobeys Grocery Store 713

Psilocybe atlantis 9

railway travel (different months)

Rhomborrhina mellyi 7

          co-axial and asymmetric
          architecture is toffee shaped
          with honeymoons in them
          with furniture in them
          resembling cheeses
          sex in them
          things repeating in them

sad sack eyebrows, see vases

School for Visual Arts (SVA), New York

shininess (fact-checked) 3

Slade School of Art

          relation to postal service 7

Soft Skin, The (Truffaut) 5

Soutar, Merelle
          The Driftwood Flower Arrangement Book 10

stock photo melancholy

          Egyptian, (circa 1920)
          grandmother (“Nandy” Dorothy Lee Brown, 1895-1980)
          the near-East Moroccan wax, and later
          and probably, Egypt
          and followed by, a trip (something else: it consists of two parts)
          and “Ah there”
          and You mark the spot with singing
          You put some sugar in it
          And then she put some olives into it
          and Revere, circa 1978.
          and To be left standing in Connecticut.
          It gave out the CDHG (Chestnut Hill Development Group)
          Flower Show Trophy, 1974. It was a Standing Child

summers in Canada

tape and whimsy

tasting notes circa 2010
          “woozy blossom with hints of marriage”

          resemblance to jokes 15
          and stupidity 8
          Rhomborrhina resplendens

things that are Japanese 15

tiny treble of pink 8

tomato (skin), 
          and liquids
          as affair gone wrong
          as cinematic (minus gasses)
          as sensuality (The Soft Skin)
          on Diana's birthday

vases of intoxication, see Lorazepam (“Japanese whimsy is literary”)

          onomatopoeia for “stack and squish” 13
          links to Shiva

“we think of the rule in yachting”

what else would you take a picture of?

what is a fun fact?

what is the nature of grief in the human animal?

Whole Foods Ikebana 13

William and Mary “Joint” stool (1689-1725)

Wyndmoor Elementary School (Pennsylvania) 3

Zuccardi Tempranillo Mendoza (drunk May 14, 2012)


List of Works:
      1. Allowance
      2. Lousy Lovers
      3 . Infidel
       4. Anecdote of the Duck
       5. The Soft Skin
       6. Sneaking Suspicion
       7. Summer Friends
       8. Afterlife
       9. Small Brown
       10. Bohemian
       12. Community Plot
       13. Weltschmerz
       14. Principles & Partners
       15. Auspicious One